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Alternative eCommerce: How NFL, MLB and are Energizing their Brands with Auctions

Mega eCommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba have forever changed the landscape of eCommerce. 

In this new age, agile brands with nimble eCommerce strategies are continuing to grow at frightening paces while lumbering companies with outdated approaches are in their death throes, desperately trying to survive.

In this episode of Growing Revenue in the Post-Amazon Age of eCommerce we focus on how leading brands such as the pro sports leagues and Loyalty industry leader, are growing their online presence through alternative eCommerce programs.

Key Takeaways You’ll Leave With

  • How sports leagues are repurposing and transforming used assets into alternative revenue opportunities.
  • How brands are driving awareness towards their charitable endeavors with white-labeled auction programs.
  • The creative, weird and innovative ways that Loyalty programs are using dynamic eCommerce to drive customer engagement.
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The Speaker

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Alex Warme

Senior Client Services Manager/Dynamic eCommerce Expert

Commerce Dynamics