Ecommerce with Auctions

Add Dynamic Pricing and Marketplace Functionality to your eCommerce offering

  • Create new and exciting ways to engage your customers.
  • Drive traffic and repeat visitors to your site.
  • Integrate a new sales model to move new and old inventory by launching auctions as a fully integrated addition to your storefront listing formats.
  • Create a fully integrated marketplace to allow your site to support multi-vendor capability – increasing product diversity and lowering risk.

OpenCanvas is our enterprise level platform that provides multiple dynamic purchasing capabilities (auctions, group buy, loyalty, donate etc.) fully integrated into your Shopify, Magento or Hybris storefronts. We have clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Dell Financial Services, to Major League Baseball (MLB) to smaller more local organisations like the Canadian Hockey League – links below:

Dell Auction is a good example of a fully integrated, “Bolt-On” auction marketplace tightly tied to an enterprise Magento ecommerce site – including the Magento inventory and order management system.

Ecommerce with auctions

The World’s leading brands, including the Rio Olympics, National Football League, Hilton Worldwide etc. all leverage the unique power of Commerce Dynamics “bolt-on” auction marketplace solutions.

Commerce Dynamics leverages enterprise level software and partnerships to maximize the ecommerce successes of existing Magento, Hybris and other high level ecommerce providers.

We are very fortunate to have the ideal framework for bolt-on auctions & marketplace solutions for Magento clientele. Our clients leverage our experience in migrating clients from other platforms; integrating with disparate systems and third parties, all accomplished at a highly affordable price.

Kevin Smith, Senior Partner, Commerce Dynamics

Key Features of Commerce Dynamics ‘Open Canvas’ platform

Marketplace Solutions
Finally a truly enterprise marketplace solution for Magento/Hybris. Commerce Dynamics has numerous client examples who utilize our enterprise multi-seller marketplaces allowing you to add new categories, products and vendors with little risk and no inventory obligations.

Commerce Dynamics ensures that transactions are highly secured by being PCI Level 1 Compliant.

Inventory Management & Fulfillment
Back-end administrator efficiency is maximized using the Commerce Dynamics Auction Marketplace Platform. Everything from tax rules and tables, to shipping management and notifications, reporting etc. are all designed to assist the administrator and leverage existing Magento or Hybris systems and processes.

Optional Bolt-On toolset
Group buying, contests, loyalty points, in-stadium/localized commerce, in-APP dynamic commerce.

Full Integration

A single console can be used to manage multiple bidding environments and fixed price environments i.e. the Branded bolt-on auction site; Branded Magento or Hybris ecommerce site; eBay, UBID, Amazon etc.

Customer Centric
On-call account and support teams are available 24/7.

We have extensive experience in migrating clients and their data from one platform to another. Our discovery and training teams do an exceptional job preparing you to hit the ground running.

Third Party Integration
Magento, Hybris, Hosted PCI, etc. are all examples of deep integrations with leading international entities.

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