eCommerce with Auctions

Supercharge engagement and online revenue. Add auctions and more to your existing eCommerce offering with OpenCanvas.

eCommerce with Auctions

Add auctions and more to your existing eCommerce offering. 

Auctions for All-types of Assets

Maximize the value of unique items and experiences

Spark New All-Time Records

Highly sought-after items don’t reach their full potential without the right technology behind their sales. 

The world’s most recognizable brands have used OpenCanvas auctions to unlock new levels of success for collectibles and experiences.

Leverage our technology and expertise to ensure fans receive a sublime customer experience that matches the value of the item they’re after.

Excess Inventory

Optimize velocity and sell-through

Products that aren’t selling end up costing your organization more than they’re worth. 

Dell and JTV have partnered with us to create auction programs that are fully integrated with their eCommerce and inventory management platforms to streamline liquidation for excess. 

Quickly offload products at market prices by selling them with OpenCanvas auctions.

Learn how you could use auctions.

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More than Auctions

Marketplace Functionality

Scale growth immediately

Increase sales and lower risk for your auction program by utilizing multi-seller marketplace capabilities on OpenCanvas. 

Partner programs like NHL Auctions have quickly developed by allowing teams and third-party vendors to list items on their marketplace, multiplying product diversity and volume of items sold. 

Harness the power of a truly enterprise marketplace solution that can mesh perfectly with your eCommerce stack.

Additional Selling Formats

Delight customers with something new

Quickly test and use new ways to grow sales and engage customers with additional selling formats that are native to our platform.  

Partners like NFL and WWE have used these formats to further continual expansion for their auction program. 

Engage customers with contests, flash sales, group buying, loyalty programs and more. 

Unleash new levels of revenue growth with OpenCanvas.

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Painless Implementation

Tech and Service Partnerships

The ecosystem to help your program thrive

Adopting new software without the partners to fill in the gaps can be a long and difficult process. 

Our partnership ecosystem helps brands assemble all the pieces for a seamless auction program. 

From sales, to fulfillment and reporting, OpenCanvas provides the flexibility that brands need to cohesively combine auctions with existing platforms and processes.


Continued growth together

Auction and marketplace programs need ongoing support to flourish.  

Our teams are here to help your organization hit the floor running from discovery to optimization with our evidence-based insights. 

On-call account and support are also available 24/7, for problems if they arise.

OpenCanvas has helped some of the world’s most recognizable brands discover new ways to fortify revenue growth and revitalize engagement.

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