eSports and Gaming

Developers, focus on delivering amazing experiences to your fans. Leave the monetization technology to us.

eSports and Gaming

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eSports and Gaming

Developers, leave the monetization tech for your game, app or gaming software to us. 

All the Tools for Monetization

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Ongoing revenue from diehard fans

Offer premium experiences to your biggest fans to create an ongoing revenue stream. OpenCanvas comes with everything you need to easily run subscriptions and create a user-friendly process with them for your community. Our platform has multi-currency and language capability so you can reach  global audiences.

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Virtual currency and rewards

Build a thriving in-game economy

Seamlessly add a virtual currency and create another layer to the experience you’re offering to your users. Monetize effectively so users are engaged and not pushed away by unfair freemium models. Our platform takes care of all the transactions so you focus on how to offer value with virtual currencies and not the tech behind it.

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In-game Store

Sell premium virtual assets

Everything you need to sell virtual assets like items, currency and more to users. From PCI Level 1 Compliance standards for credit card payments to a variety of selling formats, OpenCanvas makes monetization as secure and engaging as possible. Reach customers with offers sold in standard fixed price, auctions, group buy and flash sale.

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Enrich trading and player interactions

Allow users to sell assets safely on a peer-to-peer marketplace. OpenCanvas gives you full control of sellers on the market to ensure that users are playing by the rules and deals make all parties happy. Help users sell anything from, standard resources to legendary items and premium loot with standard fixed prices, auctions, flash sales and group buys.

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Give your community the chance to win big

Engage users with a contest for something truly special. Contests can be held for in-game and real life prizes to encourage revenue, traffic and organic promotion.

OpenCanvas has been used to build powerful new revenue channels for iconic sports leagues and brands.

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