Multi-seller Marketplaces

Grow traffic and online revenue

Branded Marketplaces

Own your ecosystem

Scale online revenue with OpenCanvas by adding third party vendors on your multi-seller marketplace. Vendors can sell on their own branded page or on an existing one. Create a deeper understanding of your customer’s behavior with data from all these transactions. 


Third Party Vendors

Reinforce marketplace growth

Establishing relationships with the right vendors can greatly increase organic traffic as customers come to browse through your comprehensive product offering. Brands leverage our expertise to develop valuable partnerships with sellers to create flourishing marketplaces.   

Foundations and Charities

Fuel effective philanthropy

Create a greater social impact by empowering charitable organizations to fundraise on your branded marketplace. Help non-profits reach fans that are highly interested in specific types of products and experiences. Excite customers with new fundraising formats such as auctions, contests and subscriptions.

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