Are you giving Gen Z travellers what they want?

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Gen Z, compensating for pandemic-related travel delays, has embraced frequent travel with over half of its adults taking at least three leisure trips in the past year.

Here is a breakdown of Gen Z’s wants from a Rewards Program: 

  1. Flexibility: Gen Z values flexibility in their travel experiences. They prefer loyalty programs that allow them to redeem rewards across a variety of options, including flights, accommodations and unique experiences.
  2. Instant gratification: Gen Z seeks immediate rewards for their loyalty. They are more drawn to programs that offer instant perks, discounts or access to exclusive events as soon as they engage with the brand.
  3. Personalization: Highly personalized experiences resonate with Gen Z. They appreciate loyalty programs that use their preferences, behaviours, and past interactions to tailor offers and recommendations.
  4. Mobile integration: As digital natives, Gen Z travellers expect loyalty programs to be seamlessly integrated into mobile apps. They want to track rewards, make bookings and access their benefits conveniently through their smartphones.
  5. Experiential rewards: Rather than just points and discounts, Gen Z prefers experiential rewards. This could include unique travel experiences, VIP access to events or collaborations with influencers they admire.
  6. Ethical and sustainable initiatives: Gen Z prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices. Loyalty programs that align with these values, such as carbon offset initiatives or eco-friendly options, attract their attention.

By offering a one-stop hub for personalized rewards, seamless interactions and instant gratification, Loyalty Marketplaces have the potential to truly captivate and retain the loyalty of this digitally savvy and value-conscious generation.

Join us in shaping the future of loyalty Marketplaces that resonate with Gen Z travellers and beyond!

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