Sports & Entertainment Marketplaces

Supercharge Fan Engagement

Offer exclusive memorabilia, experiences and digital assets to fans that are only available from your brand and select partners. Add auctions, sweepstakes and other engagement formats to keep fans coming back.

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Power Trusted Partners

Be the Platform for your Network

Create a digital ecosystem that existing and new partners that have been vetted can use to reach your audience of die-hard fans. Grow revenue together.  

Existing Partners

Offer your platform for use by folks you have pre-existing relationships with to sell their products and experiences on the same venue.

Charitable Causes

Champion extraordinary causes by supporting the fundraising efforts of charities and foundations to help them reach your diehard fans. 

Select Vendors

Your fans expect authenticity. Review select retailers, and allow the ones that meet your strict standards to sell products on your Marketplace.


Your Fan Engagement Engine

Maximize fan engagement and revenue growth by offering a variety of selling formats and unique engagement tools that you and your trusted partners can use to sell collectibles, experiences and more.

Fixed Price Checkout

The standard buy now shopping experience. Create a seamless checkout for your fans.


Shatter new sales records for rare memorabilia and collectibles on your Marketplace.

Charitable Sweepstakes

Engage all your fans with the chance to do good while potentially winning BIG!


Create an ongoing revenue stream by delighting your fans with something special each month.

NFT Authentication

Ensure cutting-edge provenance by tracking the authenticity of the items you sell on a blockchain.

Group Buy

Remember Groupon? Offer amazing deals that only activate when enough fans commit.

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