Travel and Hospitality Marketplaces

Delight Members
Drive New Revenue

Grow member loyalty with your Marketplace. Leverage your digital ecosystem to delight members and create new revenue channels. 

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New Loyalty Expectations 

Deliver more value with your Marketplace

Delight Members. Offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences from brands you’re sponsoring and third party vendors in unique and engaging points redemption formats.

Drive new revenue. Sell Points directly to members and/or offer third party goods and services from trusted partners for sale. (i.e. Ancillary airline experience packages)


Your Member Delight and Revenue Ignition Drive

Enable your company and select trusted partners to seamlessly blend points/miles subscriptions and unique redemption formats to engage members with more.


Create an instant source of annuity revenue by offering points/miles subscriptions to your members.


Make points/miles redemption more interesting with the spirit of competition. Keep members coming back to check on their bids.

Charitable Sweepstakes

Lower the barrier of entry to redeeming once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Give members the chance to win big prizes.

Fixed Price Points Checkout

Round out your redemptions offering with listings that can be redeemed for fixed prices at all times.

Points Donations

Give members the choice to use their points/miles to support worthy causes. Make a difference where it matters!

Group Buy

Get members to engage other members by launching amazing deals that only activate when enough of them commit to it.

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