Asset Lifecycle Management

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Many universities/colleges, government agencies and other large entities already use third party auction sites and in-person auctions to dispose of salvage and surplus property. Though these methods are tried and proven, conventional approaches prevent maximum profit potential from being achieved. Branded Online B2C and B2B auctions allow schools to unlock this potential and thoroughly minimize total cost of ownership.


  • Expedite the auction process with a proprietary branded auction site
  • Reach larger markets and amplify bidding activity
  • Truly maximize salvage value


Harness auctions and magnify revenue opportunities from savage and surplus assets.

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You have unique asset management disposal policies and procedures. Our platform OpenCanvas, is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing processes to refine and automate time-consuming disposal logistics.

  • OpenCanvas integrates with existing tracking systems, tags, barcodes etc.
  • Coordinate disposal and in person pick-up with our in-person POS system (*OpenCanvas POS)
  • Efficiently process disposal requests via web portal or paper on our platform


Fine-tune your approach to surplus, reduce time spent on tedious logistics tasks and unlock revenue potential.

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We have worked with many schools to streamline disposal for used sports assets. 

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Use your branded auction today and get in on the action. 

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