Auction Jedi Steve Marbit retires!

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A  Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away…

My partners Michael Grieve, Saurabh Soman and I had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years during his tenure at eDeal/Truition/CDC. He came to eDeal from along with Rick Simpson, Gavin Parry and Bill Whalen. He was truly an auction force – willing to endlessly debate the merits of staggered closings, bid increments and auction duration.

He later joined Howard Rosenberg at B-Stock to continue his ‘dynamic pricing’ journey but focused on the B2B space.

He was also an excellent source of information for food + restaurants when you were visiting cities across North America.

I must say he seems a little young to hang up the light saber but if he gets bored hopefully he will give us a call at CDi first – may the force be with you Marby!

Kevin Smith, Sr Partner and VP of Sales at Commerce Dynamics

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