Continued Innovation in Triple Bottom Line Liquidation

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Toronto, Chicago, London (UK) – Commerce Dynamics was originally founded to maximize sell-through value for one-of-a-kind memorabilia from brands like MLB, NHL and NBA. As we grew we began to see different applications for our transactional solutions. Offering a way to help organizations liquidate their excess inventory in B2B spaces was the idea that would eventually become Secondary Marketplaces as it exists today.

Our team built one of the first online branded B2B marketplaces for pallets and truckload for Hewlett-Packard (HP) back in early 2000.  Over the years we have witnessed the extraordinary increase in returns and the corresponding pressure on the reverse supply chain & liquidation process.

When we launched Secondary Marketplaces, we envisioned bringing a streamlined liquidation process to market-leaders to set a new standard for reverse supply chain efficiency. We also strongly believed that efficient handling of returns and overstock will have a powerful, positive environmental impact.

Over time, we have made strides in helping our clients increase recovery and velocity for excess inventory while also reducing their eco-footprint. We’re excited to continue paving the way in helping companies achieve triple bottom line success with liquidations.

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