Today, members and customers are looking for something new. Just the product or service is no longer enough, and the experience is everything.

Delta is capturing the opportunity in our experiential retail economy and connecting American Bostonians to other Boston’s around the world… (ex. Traveling to Boston, Lincolnshire in the UK.)

The Boston to Boston souvenir truck store is driving around the city and SkyMiles members can redeem sunglasses, t-shirts and other types of Delta swag with their points at the truck! This innovative pop-up store powered by Commerce Dynamics is delighting members and delivering something unexpected.

It’s not just Delta, iconic brands like Calvin Klein, Nike and Pantone (Yes, the color company!) are also delighting their customers with novel pop-up store experiences. (CBI Insights, 2019)

Offering innovative customer experiences and experimenting with new engagement strategies is empowering brands to ‘Grow Differently’.

How could you delight your members and customers with a pop-up store experience?

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