Enhancing the live event experience

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A recent partnership between venue developer Oak View Group (OVG) and Oracle demonstrates how technology can continue to enhance the live event experience for modern fans. 

OVG’s technology promising concession experience improvements, better mobile ordering, and streamlined payments set the stage for even greater innovation in catering to changing consumer/fan expectations. 

Although these enhancements are great for the overall in-stadium experience, I think there are a few additional methods that truly engage sports fans beyond a simple transaction. 

  1. Interactive auctions: bring fans closer to the action

In a move to enhance fan engagement, some stadiums are incorporating interactive auctions into the live event experience. Fans can bid on exclusive experiences, signed memorabilia or even in-game opportunities.

This not only adds an element of excitement to the event but also creates a sense of community among attendees. Whether it’s a chance to meet Bo Bichette or secure Marner’s game-worn skates, interactive auctions are transforming the way fans connect with live sports and the entertainment experience.

  1. Scoreboard rental: making every moment unforgettable

Scoreboard rental services are gaining popularity, allowing fans to customize their in-stadium experience on the big screen. 

For example, Broncos fans can submit their ‘Shout Out’ on the Denver Broncos Sports Marketplace; from marriage proposals and birthday celebrations to corporate shout-outs, renting the scoreboard provides a unique and unforgettable way for fans to make their mark on the big screen.

  1. Enhanced fan interaction: from AR to social media integration

Augmented reality (AR) experiences are making their way into stadiums, providing fans with interactive and immersive opportunities. Whether it’s AR-enhanced games, real-time stats, or interactive displays, these technologies add an extra layer of excitement to the in-stadium experience.

As a bonus, integrating social media platforms allows fans to share their moments, connect with other attendees and contribute to the larger narrative of the event. It’s a digital-age approach to fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm among fans.

  1. Dynamic experiences: changing the experience every game  

Take the use of concourse space to the next level with pop-up merch shops, meet-and-greet opportunities, and special food/beverage offerings that shift from game to game. Surprising fans with new easter eggs in each visit is a great way to boost excitement and loyalty.

The arena of the future promises much more than just sitting and watching – it offers participation in the action.

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