Scale your online presence by creating a marketplace with OpenCanvas. Own the data. Ignite online sales. Delight your customers.


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Offer a larger selection of items to customers. Ignite online sales. Grow your data lake. 

Enterprise Marketplace Solution

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Multi-seller Functionality

Ignite online sales with third party vendors

Accelerate revenue growth by empowering third-party vendors to sell on your marketplace. OpenCanvas provides full control over vendors with custom selling rules. Deliver more value to customers looking for better deals and a broader selection of goods.

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Branded Sites and Pages for Sellers

Create a seamless marketplace experience

Create a seamless experience on your marketplace with branded pages for vendors. Give customers access to products pooled together on a main “hub” and through customized “spoke” store pages with select offerings.

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Additional Selling Formats

Grow marketplace liquidity effectively

Offer a standard fixed price marketplace experience with the ability to add additional selling formats that are native to our platform. Allow operators and sellers to effectively grow customer engagement, traffic and revenue with a whole suite of optional tools.

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Customer Insights

Grow your data lake

Track all transactions on your marketplace. Combine new data from OpenCanvas with existing sources to cultivate deeper customer insights. Reporting can be fed into existing dashboard software to create a clear and comprehensive picture for online sales. 

OpenCanvas is empowering brands to add marketplaces seamlessly.  

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