NFL Players use their feet for Charity

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With charity work at the forefront of the upcoming holiday season, NFL Players are standing up for what they truly believe in; the NFL and the Cause & Effect program have implemented a charity initiative called #MyCauseMyCleats.

#MyCauseMyCleats empowers athletes across the 32 NFL teams to design and wear custom made cleats during week 13 of the season.  Each custom set of cleats is designed to promote the Pro Football Players favourite charity. Showcasing the JDRF, Ronald McDonald House, Cancer Awareness, Blitz for the Better Foundation, and more, NFL Players are coming together to “raise awareness, drive social change and make a difference in their communities” (   The cleats will be sold and all proceeds will go to the NFL Players particular charity.

More than 500 athletes, approximately a third of the league, will be wearing personally designed awareness-driven cleats and giving the proceeds from the sale of those cleats to their favorite causes. NFL star Russell Wilson is driven towards raising awareness on Cancer Research and experimental projects; Richard Sherman, of the Seattle Seahawks is helping to provide low-income students the opportunity of school supplies and clothing; Superstar NFL player Larry Fitzgerald, has a goal to allow those in developing countries the gift of sound; Kirk Cousins, of the Washington Redskins is driven to protect those less fortunate in the developing world; or Jameis Winston, Heisman Winner and QB for Tampa Bay raises awareness  to a find a cure for diabetes with the JDRF.

Each of these men is an iconic figure nation-wide: individuals who little boys and girls look up to and dream about being like one day. They have the power to make a change and help those less fortunate whether through cancer and diabetes research or protecting and providing for those less fortunate in both their backyards and in developing countries.

The NFL Players have designed cleats to wear this week during their games that showcase what they truly believe in and how they strive every day to help people around the world.

Now it is your turn. You can go to created and managed by Commerce Dynamics Auction Marketplace solutions and bid on a pair of these personalized cleats – Proceeds will go to the charity of the player’s choice. Help bring awareness, change, and fight to make a difference in our society.

To see some of the cleats and read the athletes stories go to:  To bid on the cleats go to the NFL Auctions at

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