One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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Our friends at MLSE have listed some unique items on their Marketplace, Real Sports Auction, proving that even the most unusual pieces can be repurposed into something extraordinary.

Imagine owning a BBQ set crafted from game-used hockey sticks used by Toronto Maple Leafs stars like Mitch Marner and Matthew Kneis. Or picture having coasters, skate sharpeners, and bottle openers made from repurposed sticks. How about a cooler that once served the team at Scotiabank Arena? And yes, even garbage cans used by the Toronto Marlies in their locker room have found new life as coveted collector’s items!

These items are fantastic examples of how ‘trash’ can become ‘treasure’ for fans and collectors. It’s all about seeing potential where others see discard. So, next time you think an item has reached the end of its life, think again. With a bit of creativity, it could become something truly special.

Ready to transform your trash into treasure? 

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