OpenCanvas is a proprietary eCommerce platform with multiple listing capabilities. Commerce Dynamics develops and manages enterprise level dynamic eCommerce programs for our clients and partners. Open Canvas provides a balance of scalability, flexibility and security – ensuring optimal program ROI.


Grow your business as much as you'd like.

Scalability is all about growth. Build a marketplace to achieve activity and revenue growth. Marketplaces give multiple entities the ability to individually list and sell their products within your dynamic eCommerce program. OpenCanvas provides the ability to control secure, separated and multi-tiered access permissions. Our clients and partners can scale up their business without any additional internal human resource requirements.

Scale server capacity as required. OpenCanvas is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are able to quickly horizontally scale the server capacity of your dynamic eCommerce program to your exact needs. Commerce Dynamics excels at matching expected program activity and optimizing service level to maximize program ROI.


Use our OpenCanvas platform for a stand-alone program or as a "bolt-on" on solution.

Combine many different features and functionality as required. OpenCanvas has the flexibility to build fully customizable dynamic eCommerce programs based on our clients’ needs and wants.

“Bolt-on” to existing solutions. Our platform’s set of web services and capabilities allows us to easily connect to third party solutions and/or services like Single Sign-On and/or User Authentication, Inventory Management, Fulfillment Management, Points Management etc.

Integrate existing platform(s) with ours. Our team at Commerce Dynamics has extensive experience in migrating clients and their data from one platform to another. Magento, Hybris,, Shopify Plus etc. are all examples of deep integrations that we have developed. We work with clients to create integrations that feel like a single eco-system.


Have confidence in enterprise level security.

OpenCanvas is a PCI Level One compliant platform. Credit card data is stored and managed at enterprise level requirements. Commerce Dynamics is subscribed to US-CERT and CanCert mailing lists to proactively react to new security vulnerabilities. OpenCanvas has also been put through numerous third party penetration and vulnerability tests to meet our clients’ strict security specifications.


Your needs and wants matter.

Support for Open Canvas is customer centric. This means that you have access to the support you need when you actually need it. All our clients have on-call account and support teams that are available 24/7.

Onboarding is designed to be simple and easy. You will be working closely with our discovery and training teams to learn about Open Canvas. Our training sessions and user guides will familiarize you with all the tools that will be at your disposal for your Dynamic eCommerce site. After training, you will be able to fluently use our platform and hit the ground running.

You are never left alone. We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support for our clients. Our team is always available for questions and issues if they come up. Do you have new ideas or want to explore different ways to engage your customers? We are here to listen and continue to grow together.