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Gold standard online auctions

Client Personalization

Each bidder’s experience is unique. From the way potential bidders register, how items are illustrated, the relevant communications sent to each visitor and bidder; to the way each potential winner consummates a transaction: Commerce Dynamics ensures all of these have the intimacy, relevance and personalized touch of a glass of “Taste of Diamonds”.

Client Management: core skill

With over 20 of the highest profile auction sites in the world built and managed by Commerce Dynamics, you can rest assured that your online auctions will provide your clientele with the superb experience they deserve. Client confidence in our technology empowers them to focus on growth and client engagement rather than distracting online technical concerns.


News media constantly remind us of data leaks, hackers and other predatory online security issues. The highest standard in security is PCI level one compliance. Commerce Dynamics secures the highest profile sites in the world (e.g. Rio and London Olympics) and all credit card transactions are secured in a PCI level one compliant manner.

Maximizing Revenue and Engagement

Technology has come a long way to emulating a physical, on-site auction. Our leading edge feature-set, including Live Bid, Bid Extend, Second Chance Bidding, In-Event Express Bidding and Faceted Filtering along with many more, directly drive additional revenue and engagement. Commerce Dynamics has a number of case studies illustrating the sometimes dramatic increases in revenue and engagement through the use of our specialized feature-set.


It is impossible to fully emulate the intimacy of an exciting physical auction. However with technical advancements we now have live bidding, video streaming, bid extension, superb mobile accessibility and a global reach to either galvanize your existing auctions or to create separate, stand-alone online auctions.

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