“ Existing Points programs are under pressure to provide tangible, relevant ways for Customers to burn points. Hotel, CPG and Airline Reward programs are now offering five unique burn opportunities.”

Kevin Smith, Senior Partner, Commerce Dynamics

Value Determined By The Customers

Unique Experiences - Where of which the value is determined by the customer. Hilton Honors has had huge success offering Hotel + concert + backstage meet-and-greet rewards to customers using an auction format. As a result, Hilton Honors has had a surge in point spend and a stream of very positive testimonials linked to the program.

Customers Work Together To Create A Great Deal

Unique Redemption Events - Where the customers work together to activate a great deal. Safeway and Air Miles have had significant success over 6 years offering daily deals at modest point costs using a group-buy model (if 40 people agree to buy the Schwinn Bike for 2000 Air Miles, everyone gets the deal). Average cart size is up and the engagement on social platforms has been very strong for this program.

Charitably Empowered Customers

Unique “Giving” Opportunities - Empowering customers to be charity benefactors. Customers with Southwest Airlines miles can donate their miles to a favorite charity. Millions of points are donated annually.

Small Point Customers Are Fully Engaged

Unique, large prize opportunities where small points customers are fully engaged. The Maple Leaf Foods Rewards program will have over 40,000 entries to their points contests. By buying a ballot for 5 points, customers have the chance to win 100,000 points. Modest point earners have engaged heavily in these types of contests.

Immediate And Real-Time Customer Reward Points And Cash Offers

Unique In-Event programs that give real-time customer reward points and cash offers at events, conventions, concerts, poolside… any place where people congregate. WWE offers in-arena purchasing; MLB offers in-game auctions, etc.

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