Taking the Game to the Next Level: Red Sox Auction MLB.TV Promo

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Recently, Major League Baseball and the Red Sox have taken a groundbreaking step by elevating their auctions to new heights, bringing them directly into the heart of the action.

On April 15th, during a game featuring the iconic Boston Red Sox, an exciting broadcast promotion on MLB.TV unfolded in support of the Jackie Robinson Foundation. What made this event truly special was the integration of a Red Sox Foundation Auction seamlessly into the live game experience. 

As the game progressed, fans were treated to a unique opportunity to participate in the action right from their homes as the broadcast announcer highlighted the exclusive auction while a QR code flashed on the TV screen. This QR code served as the gateway for fans to instantly scan & access the auction items then place their bids using their mobile devices. It was a seamless fusion of traditional stadium entertainment and modern technology, creating an immersive experience for fans to support a worthy cause.

Commerce Dynamics is integrated with MLB.TV, allowing for instant streaming and integration into their broadcasts. Additionally, our platform, OpenCanvas, enabled MLB’s Marketplace to be leveraged for both in-stadium and remote bidding. This flexibility allowed the merchandise team to deliver items directly to seats, have fans pick up at designated locations, or opt for delivery thereby enhancing convenience for bidders and staff.

This innovative approach to auctions marks a significant milestone for both Commerce Dynamics and MLB. By seamlessly integrating the Red Sox Auction Marketplace into the live game experience, teams have unlocked a new avenue for engaging fans and driving support for charitable initiatives.

Can you think of a better time to be bidding on an athlete’s game-worn gear than during the actual game itself? MLB.TV in-stream merchandise promotions parlayed with the presentation of auction items on the jumbotron in-stadium is a great way to have bids going through the roof. Whether it is a stadium announcement teasing a game-worn jersey, a video message from a beloved player, or a high-quality photo showcasing the coveted items, each element can be carefully curated to captivate the audience’s attention. The culmination of each promotion is the display of the auction lot’s designated QR code, inviting fans to participate in the auction with just a scan of their mobile device.

As we reflect on this first, we eagerly anticipate seeing more teams follow suit and bring it to stadiums across the league, further amplifying the impact of their auctions. I’d love to see the Jays do this… the potential to engage with auctions while cheering on my team would undoubtedly add an extra layer of excitement to the game-day experience! Time to start saving for more than just the Loonie Dogs! 🌭

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