‘The State of Sports Fan Engagement 2023’: 5 key takeaways

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In an era where sports fans crave diverse content, innovation is key. Beyond traditional coverage, sports organizations must cater to this insatiable appetite by delivering interactive experiences, VR broadcasts, and personalized content.

‘The State of Sports Fan Engagement 2023’ report gives some clues as to where sports fan engagement is headed in the coming years – here are a few of my takeaways: 

1.      71% of sports organizations see fan engagement as important for achieving their goals.

Takeaway: All sports organizations are competing for fans’ engagement. But only those that embrace innovation, leverage cutting-edge technologies and deliver captivating and personalized experiences will succeed in capturing the hearts and minds of today’s dynamic and digital savvy sports enthusiasts.

2.       Social media was given as the platform of choice by nearly a third of respondents

Takeaway: Fan engagement is a multi-channel effort – fans aren’t on just one platform and sports organizations must recognize the diverse digital hangouts where they actively participate in discussions, share their excitement and consume sports-related content.

3.       Growing revenue and income is the most popular objective, with 24% of sports organizations selecting this option.

Takeaway: Fan engagement can clearly be a revenue-increasing activity for sports brands, but they must ensure that it goes beyond superficial interactions and creates genuine connections with their audience. Think real-time bidding and money-can’t-buy experiences.

4.       60% of sports industry professionals believe they hit their fan engagement goals.

Takeaway: There’s still room for improvement. Sports marketplaces represent a transformative approach to elevate fan engagement in the sports industry. By offering tailored experiences, direct interactions with athletes and diverse revenue opportunities, these platforms create a dynamic and immersive fan experience that goes beyond traditional engagement strategies.

5.       43% believe AI will revolutionize the industry.

Takeaway: It’s hard to disagree with this. From suggesting relevant game highlights to offering exclusive offers on merchandise and memorabilia, AI algorithms can anticipate fans’ needs, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

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📸 by Dak Dillon | Via Newscast Studio

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