YouTube phenomenon MrBeast partners with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets in groundbreaking jersey deal

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In an unprecedented move, YouTube superstar MrBeast has partnered with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets to feature his chocolate brand Feastables on the team’s jerseys. This marks the first time a digital content creator has brokered a jersey sponsorship deal with an NBA franchise.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, boasts over 188 million YouTube subscribers. The 26-year-old Greenville, North Carolina native has amassed a net worth of $500 million through his viral stunt and charity videos.

For digital brands seeking mainstream exposure, NBA jersey sponsorships offer coveted real estate. An estimated 1.6 billion NBA jerseys are sold globally each year.

But it works both ways. The Hornets likely see this as a way to tap into MrBeast’s incredibly engaged younger audience, which will inevitably drive merchandise, memorabilia and ticket sales.

It’s a sign of the changing times. Traditional celebrity endorsements and sponsorships are giving way to internet-grown personalities who often have deeper connections with their young audiences. MrBeast’s deal shows how these digital stars are now competing with CPG’s, Car companies, A-list athletes and entertainers.

This could pave the way for other popular YouTubers, Twitch streamers, or social media influencers to broker similar partnerships with sports teams and leagues.

From a marketplace standpoint, we will be sure to let you know if the first MrBeast NBA game worn jerseys sell for a significant premium on the NBA Marketplace!

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