2021 MLB All-Star Game – Back in Person BABY!

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The skies are sunny, the stadiums are ready and MLB fans are LOVING being back to see their favorite game in person!

It was great spending time with the MLB Auctions team at the 2021 All Star festivities in Denver. We had a blast experiencing all the cool All Star Game events and showcases. (Check out the footwear!)

The team has done a remarkable job getting game-used assets directly from the field to fans immediately.  Fans are delighted by the ability to start bidding on memorabilia during the game and participating in an atmosphere created by the league’s best players in a full stadium on a summer night!

Case in point, All-Star memorabilia was listed on the MLB Marketplace, during All-Star celebrations on the 13th. 

At the time of posting, Shohei’s Home Run Derby Baseball is already at $7,150.

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