How to Achieve Ideal Auction Engagement

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Auction Engagement

So you’ve put a beautiful auction site together and taken great photos of your products to showcase the items. But now, you’re wondering how to stand out? We can help you reach that heightened auction engagement you’ve been looking for.


Here’s a few tips that may help you get started on the road to auction stardom.


  1. Tracking:  whether it is your email newsletters or Facebook or Google ads, tracking each promotion can provide immediate insights.  Simple tags can be inserted into any of your promotional materials which can track user progress right through your auction site – from first user experience to the bidding process.


  1. Influence marketing: Get yourself featured on relevant blogs which your users are known to follow.  There are a number of sites that aggregate influencers, making it easy to find key influencers to pass on your messaging or offers. One of our personal favourites is Linkedin Groups.


  1. News/Research: Who ever said researching stops once you leave school lied. It’s always great to research and see what products are doing well in the market. Keep an eye on news.  For example, if a key player moves teams, update your followers about that change. NBA star, Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State is a good example. Keep your auctions fresh.




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