Our clients are generating record levels of revenue, engagement and client retention by instituting Dynamic Auction, Marketplace, Loyalty and Promotional Solutions.


Auctions, Group Buying, etc

Many organizations fail to realize the full-revenue potential of product like rare collectibles, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and overstock or refurbished goods. Our proprietary platform, OpenCanvas offers specialty listing formats that allow brands to increase ROI by actualizing this untapped potential.

Working with Commerce Dynamics allows you to:

  • Maximize per-unit revenue by realizing actual market prices
  • Create consumer excitement and brand engagement through the thrill of competition
  • Prolong a product’s life-cycle by introducing a new marketplace
  • Create real buying urgency

Start reclaiming unrealized revenue with the use of auction (english, dutch, buy now), flash sale (fixed time, fixed quantity), group-buy and event specific listing formats.

We provide enterprise level organizations with fully branded dynamic eCommerce programs to increase transaction activity and improve ROI.


Scale your program to new levels of success

OpenCanvas allows brands to spur activity and revenue growth by opening up a multi-seller marketplace. This solution allows multiple entities to individually list and sell their own products within your dynamic eCommerce program, through the use of:

  • Secure, separated, and multi-tiered seller access permissions
  • Segmented inventory and order management
  • Proper payment and order fulfillment routing
  • Individually branded seller pages or sites

Organizations that use a multi-seller marketplace are able to properly scale and grow their dynamic eCommerce program to reach new levels of success.


Reward consistent customer patronage

Reward consistent customer patronage effectively. In today’s world of competitive brand loyalty, traditional points programs are no longer effective. Rewards must be more relevant, speak to user preferences, and provide real value. Brands with ineffective loyalty programs run the risk of losing unengaged customers to their competitors.

OpenCanvas provides brands with hyper-relevant, member specific points earning and/or burning opportunities as a stand-alone program or a “bolt-on” solution to an existing Loyalty program.


Drive new acquisition and user engagement

Having the best products and deals are great, but what’s the point if nobody is seeing them or returning to purchase from you again? Open Canvas and our various partnerships allow us to offer the following promotion solutions and marketing services for your dynamic eCommerce program:

  • Online contests and sweepstakes
  • Promotion and discount rules
  • Dynamic triggered emails
  • PIN code development and management
  • Social media and re-targetting marketing
  • User profile based UI and communication

The right promotion and marketing will drive new acquisition and user engagement for your brand.


Maximize Recovery and Turnover

Liquidate excess inventory (overstock, returned, refurbished) more efficiently with B2B auctions. These auctions help organizations bypass the traditional after-market, acting as a direct selling channel that increases profits and turnover time for excess goods.

Secondary Marketplaces is a Commerce Dynamics company that focuses purely on liquidation auctions.

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