Adelaide Crows Join the Frey!

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We’re happy to announce that the Adelaide Crows have joined the AFL Matchworn Marketplace network with their own Adelaide Crows Auction Marketplace!

Shout outs to our partners down under, GameDay for being at the heart of steadily bringing on new AFL teams over the past two years.

The AFL Matchworn Marketplace network has quickly grown to become the online destination for AFL fans to get authentic memorabilia directly from the official source.

Marketplaces have helped some of the most recognizable leagues and teams around the world connect with their fans in new and engaging ways.

But what does new and engaging mean exactly?! See for yourself by reading our playbook on how iconic sports entities have transformed everything from match-worn gear to literal dirt and more into cherished memories for their fans.

Adelaide Crows Auction Marketplace – Powered by Commerce Dynamics Marketplace Solutions

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