How time makes a difference in the memorabilia space

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History tells us that as time goes on, the value of sports memorabilia goes up (or down, depending on the item). In fact, item value can soar in a relatively short period of time, depending on the circumstances.

We saw that recently with the Kobe Bryant floor piece, which tripled in value in just four years. It is unfortunate that the untimely passing of Bryant amplified the item’s worth, and just about every bit of Bryant memorabilia – a Bryant Precious Metal Gems insert card recently sold for $2 million, which represented an approximate 600% increase in its value.

But it’s not just the Kobe factor that causes value to climb in the memorabilia space. Items tied to iconic figures who have left a lasting impact on culture, sports or entertainment tends to appreciate significantly.

There are other factors at play, too, linked to time:

Limited editions and rarity: Items that are part of limited editions or have a limited supply in the market tend to see a substantial increase in value over time. Scarcity drives demand, as collectors seek to acquire unique pieces for their collections.

Achievement and milestones: Memorabilia linked to significant achievements, milestones or records often gain in value as these accomplishments become part of a person or team’s legacy. Such items become symbols of excellence and achievement.

Sentimental attachment: Personal connections and emotional ties to specific events or individuals can drive up the value of memorabilia. Fans and enthusiasts are often willing to pay a premium to own a piece of history associated with their idols or cherished memories.

Historical significance: Memorabilia that plays a crucial role in historical events or moments of cultural significance carries immense value. These artifacts often become sought after by museums, institutions, and private collectors interested in preserving history.

Authentication and provenance: The credibility and authenticity of an item can significantly impact its value. Memorabilia with a well-documented history and airtight authentication tends to command higher prices in the market.

Media exposure, collecting trends and economic conditions all play their part, too.

LeBron James is another legendary name from the world of NBA that can turn items into highly prized memorabilia. The LeBron Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Rookie card #78 is the most expensive basketball card on the market at $5.2m – it’s been around for nearly two decades and its value is only climbing with age.

LeBron’s 2022 All-Star game-worn jersey recently sold via our partners at NBA Auctions for over $250k – how much is that going to be worth 10 years from now?

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