Loyalty points directed to timely charitable causes- Hawaiian Wildfires

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As we’ve already highlighted – and will continue to discuss on our blog – many brands are integrating charitable donations into their customer loyalty programs and Sports Marketplaces. This makes it easy for loyal customers to give back to causes they care about.

Hawaiian Wildfire Relief: Southwest Airlines recently ran a campaign encouraging its Rapid Rewards members to donate points to the American Red Cross to support wildfire relief efforts in Maui. In just one month, member donations jumped by 50%, totaling over 500,000 points donated to the Red Cross.

Southwest’s timely charitable initiative rallied customers around an important cause at a critical moment. This demonstrates how brands can leverage loyalty programs to mobilize charitable giving for events as they happen.

Other travel brands like Marriott and Hilton also allow members to donate points to select charities as part of their loyalty programs. From airlines to hotels, hospitality brands understand the power of making altruism a feature of loyal customer perks.

Bidding for good with auction sites

Major sports leagues and teams are getting in on charitable auctions as well. The NFL, MLB, Denver Broncos and LA Rams – to name but a few – run Marketplaces where fans can bid on autographed merchandise and once-in-a-lifetime team experiences. Many of these Marketplaces benefit community initiatives supported by each Sports organization.

The NFL Marketplace site features signed helmets, jerseys, and footballs. Winning bidders get memorabilia authenticated directly by the NFL, with all proceeds funnelling through the NFL Foundation.  MLB Auction Marketplace offers similar autographed items, along with ticket packages and chances to meet players. Fans of individual teams can browse auctions benefitting their favorite team’s charity foundation.

Sports Marketplaces create a win-win for sports fans who want to own specialty memorabilia while also supporting philanthropic initiatives. Sports leagues and teams are embracing the use of their own branded official Marketplace as an effective way to engage fans in charitable giving.

Giving while shopping

Retailers are also getting in on charitable initiatives associated with everyday shopping. Jewelry Television (JTV) hosts regular charity auctions where portions of winning bids go to select charitable organizations. Shoppers can bid on fine jewelry while supporting causes like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Brands across industries understand the importance of corporate social responsibility today. Charitable components integrated into loyalty programs, Sports Marketplaces and shopping experiences make it easy for customers to give back. When giving is rewarding for shoppers, everyone benefits.

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