Luxury Cooperstown Home Week Rental on MLB’s Marketplace?!

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Yes you read that right.

The chance to stay for a week at a 9,000-square-foot luxury holiday home at Fly Creek was recently auctioned by the NY Yankees on the MLB Auction Marketplace!

What does a luxury getaway have to do with baseball memorabilia?

Well about as much as these other charitable auctions that were a part of the Yankees 2021 virtual homecoming dinner:

Broadway tickets (for when Broadway comes back!)

Chris & Tony’s Restaurant – Cooking Lesson and Lunch for 10

Dooney and Burke Satchel

It goes to show – once a Marketplace is live, it can become a platform to offer anything and everything that your fans would be delighted by.

Of course, there were also auctions for experiences that would give any Yankees fan a grin from ear to ear:

Zoom-in Virtual Call with Brian Cashman – GM of the Yankees

Zoom-in Virtual Call with Suzyn Waldman – New York Yankees Broadcaster

Zoom-in Virtual Call with Jean Afterman – SVP and Assistant GM of the New York Yankees

Memorable Moment: New York Yankees Great Brett Gardner Personalized Special Recorded Video Message

Memorable Moment: New York Yankees Great Tino Martinez Personalized Special Recorded Video Message

Teams like the Yankees are adapting to the challenges of 2021 by innovating with online engagement. Platforms like the MLB Auction Marketplace have been at the heart of enabling this connection with fans that are at home.

Curious to see other times teams and leagues have delighted fans with something completely unexpected? Read our Sports Marketplace playbook for the ultimate list of unique offers that have graced the official Marketplaces of the MLB, NHL, NBA and more!

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