The MLB is Live Streaming Baseball Card Unboxings

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Building on the success of MLB Auctions, Major League Baseball has partnered with Commerce Dynamics to launch the official MLB Baseball Card Marketplace with full integration for auctions and direct purchases.

The league is live streaming the unboxing of new cards on their Facebook page. For a sneak peek, watch the video of today’s unboxing here:

The range of cards on the auction site is impressive. Whether you want to pay the high price (currently, bidding is at $450) for a rare Mickey Mantle card or get a deal (direct buy for $4.29) for a Don Hood Card, MLB’s new baseball card marketplace is definitely worth checking out.


mickey-mantle-baseball-card-marketplace Don-Hood-baseball-card-marketplace


Click here to browse thousands of unique cards and filter by your favourite team, the historical period of the card – from vintage to modern, to verified autographed cards.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about new Commerce Dynamics projects,  from newly launched auction marketplaces to innovative ecommerce solutions.

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