Personalized loyalty strategies: overcoming technical barriers with Marketplaces

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What if I told you that you can simply plug in your Marketplace platform and you’ll transform your loyalty program?  

Loyalty programs are more popular than ever. A recent Dunnhumby report titled “The Power of Personalized Loyalty” revealed how over half of companies have seen increasing enrollment in their loyalty schemes.

The research shows companies mainly rely on mobile apps and omnichannel marketing to deliver personalized recommendations to loyalty members – preferred over emerging technologies like chatbots or augmented reality.

Overcoming technical barriers with Marketplaces 

Marketplaces have pre-integrated suites of best-in-class technologies; they allow brands to simply “plug and play”.

By accessing these cutting-edge capabilities through a Marketplace ecosystem, brands overcome huge technical hurdles. You no longer need an army of engineers and data scientists to build and maintain complex loyalty data stacks. The Marketplace handles all that for you – allowing your team to focus on strategy rather than technical implementation. 

Delivering hyper-personalization efficiently

Marketplaces can generate individualized offers, product recommendations, and experiences that delight customers and drive revenue growth. 

From a cost perspective, Marketplaces eliminate much of the technical friction at a fraction of the cost of building these capabilities in-house.

In the end, customers care about relevance, convenience, and feeling valued, Marketplaces simply supply the tools to deliver on those expectations more efficiently and effectively.

Create a trusted digital ecosystem that offers everything your customers are looking for with our end-to-end Marketplace solution.

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