Physical Ovi Rookie Card Quadruples Price on NHL Auctions amidst NFT Mania

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An Ovi rookie card sold via NHL Auctions, nearly quadrupled in its final selling price on the last day of the Auction! Roughly going from $2500 to $8000, a couple of diehard collectors kept the auction running during overtime bidding until the listing closed because no one submitted a new bid within a 5-minute window.

There’s something to be said for good ol’ physical sports cards collecting! This recent sale certainly shows that the excitement for physical assets hasn’t been replaced by the hype around digital collectibles.

Now we’re not saying that NFTs aren’t an interesting glimpse into the potential future of collecting. (In fact, a fair share of our team has started collecting NFTs and has their eyes on the next Top Shot drop! 👀)

What we’d love to shine a light on though… is the perfect storm of market activity/star power/platforms & ecosystems/competition & engagement that leads to the stellar sale for any kind of collectible.

These mechanisms all come together to create amazing “moments” (pun definitely intended) that collectors will remember. From LeBron’s All-star jersey selling for more than half a million dollars to this awesome rookie card and the numerous records being set by NBA Top Shot, there’s a magic and science that plays into making certain assets just damn collectible.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this magic and science, download your copy of our whitepaper:
Perfect Storms: Quadrupling Ovi’s Rookie Card Value

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