Titans and Broncos ‘My Cause My Cleats’ Initiatives Shine

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The Titans and Broncos are making waves with their ‘My Cause My Cleats’ campaigns, setting a great example within our network. These initiatives highlight players’ community impact by auctioning custom cleats and sneakers, with 100% of proceeds benefiting designated charities.

The Broncos’ program celebrates players’ community work, while the Titans have a longstanding tradition of supporting causes beyond the game. CDI is proud to host auctions for these unique kicks, amplifying their reach and support for important causes. 

Join us in bidding for these one-of-a-kind cleats and supporting the Titans and Broncos as they champion change both on and off the gridiron. If the Broncos or Titans are not your favourite team, a larger selection of cleats from players across the NFL is available on NFL’s Auction Marketplace. Let’s score big for charity together!

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