Pugh vs. Swanson – who will win?

MLB Charities supercharges fundraising by reaching donors with sweepstakes on the MLB Auction Marketplace.

Power Couple Atlanta Braves SS Dansby Swanson and professional soccer player Mallory Pugh are collaborating with MLB Auction Marketplaces in a special fundraiser raffle challenge to benefit youth sports opportunities for kids in need. This fundraiser includes two awesome sweepstakes including:

  • Mallory Pugh Youth Sports Sweepstakes – Win Mal’s red U.S. Women’s National Team jersey, signed by the 2019 women’s World Cup championship team
  • Dansby Swanson Youth Sports Sweepstakes – Win a pair of custom cleats worn by Dansby featuring the U.S. Women’s National Team colors, names and logo, which he wore the entire weekend following their advancement against France in the 2019 women’s World Cup

The Kicker! Whichever sweepstakes raises the most for youth sports wins an incredible bonus: the opportunity to participate in a video call with Dansby Swanson and four field level tickets to a 2021 regular season Atlanta Braves home game, including BP passes and a pregame “meet and greet” with either Dansby Swanson or Mallory Pugh!

Marketplaces like MLB Auctions can be leveraged in more ways than just standard eCommerce. MLB’s charitable sweepstakes are a superb example of a marketplace engagement strategy.

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