These Auctions are Phantastic!

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Club foundations are setting a new bar for innovating and engaging offers on the MLB Auction Marketplace.

Phillies Charities’ “The Phantastic Auction” is continuing a series of phenomenal charitable campaigns on MLB’s Marketplace. (*A recent campaign was ran by the NY Yankees Foundation to compliment their yearly homecoming dinner on this platform.)

This year, Phillies fans got the chance to bid on listings that ranged from baseball memorabilia classics like signed gear to new takes on virtual events like virtual school assemblies, pitching and hitting lessons and more!

As always, the team at CDi is proud to be enabling our Marketplace clients to empower fundraising for their trusted partners.

What made “The Phantastic Auction” so fantastic? See for yourself in this breakdown on some of the most innovative Auctions that Phillies Charities listed for 2021!

and if you’re looking for even more inspiration… Our Sports Marketplace playbook has a play by play on ideas you can try from Major Leagues around the world! Download your copy today.

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